Reference systems in Germany

In Germany, our fuel cell systems are in use in warehouses and data centres. We would be happy to show you our systems live on site. Just get in touch with us.

Brennstoffzelle mit Brandschutz in einem Lager bei AMG in AffalterbachQuattroGeneration in a Mercedes-AMG GmbH tyre warehouse in Affalterbach.

Brennstoffzelle mit Brandschutz durch Sauerstoffreduzierung in WismarQuattroGeneration in the Technology and Industrial Centre Wismar.

TriGeneration bei Mercedes-Benz in HamburgTriGeneration in the office of Mercedes-Benz in Hamburg

QuattroGeneration ZBT GmbH in Duisburg

QuattroGenerationQuattroGeneration at deep-freezing warehouse of Wolf ButterBack KG in Fürth

Air LiquideQuattroGeneration Air Liquide in Paris 

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGQuattroGeneration  Minimax GmbH & Co.KG in Bad Oldesloe

QuattroGeneration Wolf ButterBack KGQuattroGeneration at deep-freezing warehouse of Wolf ButterBack KG (Dr. Oetker Gruppe) in Fürth 

QuattroGeneration at deep-freezing warehouse of Coppenrath & Wiese in Osnabrück

QuattroGeneration at Hospital Frankfurt-Höchst