TriGeneration The fuel cell system for reliable and efficient energy supply of power, heat and cooling


TriGeneration provides your company with efficient and environmentally friendly energy. Using a steam reformer, the hydrogen required to operate the fuel cell is obtained from natural gas – internally within the system and directly on site. You simply need a conventional natural gas connection.

If you have large quantities of hydrogen available, then HyCogeneration is the perfect fuel cell system for you.

functional principle of trigeneration

Reliable energy from fuel cells

Like all of our fuel cell systems, TriGeneration converts the hydrogen in the fuel cell to power and heat. In this way, you can reduce conventional procurement of electricity from the public grid or sell the power on to another consumer. The warm water also provides you with heat or, after the conversion, also with cooling air. This enables TriGeneration to achieve an efficiency of more than 90% as well as maximum cost-effectiveness.

If you would also like to use the oxygen-reduced used air from the fuel cell for preventive fire protection, we offer QuattroGeneration, our unique patented fuel cell system.

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