HyCogeneration The fuel cell system for your hydrogen – with and without fire prevention

Oxygen reduction with HyCogeneration

Through the controlled supply of low-oxygen air, the oxygen level in your protected area is kept at a constant low level. This reduces the risk of a fire to practically nil. HyCogeneration monitors the individually configured oxygen content in the area around the clock through sensors which automatically communicate with the fuel cell via a control unit. The low-oxygen air is always directed to the protected area in the case where a specified threshold value is exceeded. In this way, the oxygen content can be maintained at the required level at all times, even in the case of leakages in the room or with the opening of doors, gates and windows. 

HyCogeneration has a modular design in 100 kW units and produces oxygen-reduced air around the clock. This enables you to make areas of several 1,000 m³ fireproof and add additional protected areas at any time.

permanent oxygen reduction