HyCogeneration The fuel cell system for your hydrogen – with and without fire prevention

Preventive fire protection

The controlled and permanent reduction of oxygen content is the safest form of fire protection. Where there is no oxygen, there is no fire. As QuattroGeneration does, HyCogeneration uses the nitrogen-rich air from the fuel cell produced during the energy conversion. In this way, we reduce the oxygen concentration in the air and take away the basis for fires to develop. This leads to a long-lasting protective atmosphere where fires are unable to start.

principle of active fire prevention

Individual fire protection solutions for individual requirements

The specific oxygen concentration required to prevent flammability depends on the materials being protected. The risk of fire is significantly reduced at a level of around 17% vol. O2, while most solid matter is completely fireproof at a level of 15% vol. 

We develop individual system concepts which are designed for your individual requirements and area functions in such a way that people may remain in the protected areas.