HyCogeneration The fuel cell system for your hydrogen – with and without fire prevention

Economical from day one

We use what you have left over – and you can save the costs from your conventional procurement of power in the future. If you also integrate the warm water from the fuel cell into your heating system and/or convert this to cooling air using absorber/adsorber systems, you can further reduce your running expenditure.

As with QuattroGeneration, you can also use the low-oxygen used air from the fuel cell with HyCogeneration for preventive fire protection and thus manage without alternative high-maintenance and energy-intensive oxygen reduction systems or extinguishing systems. It doesn't get any more efficient than this.

For you, this means per HyCogeneration unit:

  • Efficient and economical use of your hydrogen
  • Reduction of your power demands by 100 kW
  • Reduction of your heating demands by up to 50 kW
  • Reduction of your cooling demands by up to 50 kW
  • Elimination of investment in conventional extinguishing or oxygen reduction systems
  • Elimination of running costs for conventional extinguishing or oxygen reduction systems
  • Less expenditure with alternative energy supply systems

Individual economic assessment

Want to know if HyCogeneration is right for your company? We would be happy to draw up an individual economic assessment for you. Call us on  +49 3841 75845-00 or write us an email