Press und TV stations are also fired up for innovative ideas. No wonder that they often like to report on our fuel cells:

Marbacher Zeitung newspaper writes about QuattroGeneration at AMG Affalterbach

The new logistics centre of Mercedes-AMG GmbH opens in March 2014. Our QuattroGeneration is also launched there... Read full article

WELT reports on fuel cell usage at Mercedes-Benz

... in 2012 during the launch of our TriGeneration in the Hamburg headquarters of Mercedes-Benz in Wandsbek. Read full article

Olaf Scholz puts the fuel cell into operation at Mercedes-Benz

HH1 reports on the go-ahead for TriGeneration in August 2012.

QuattroGeneration is put into operation at Equinix

Hessenschau news programme reports on the launch of N2telligence fuel cells.

Preventive Fire protection with the fuel cell

The innovative procedure is presented by NDR in the Technology and Industrial Centre in Wismar.

Preventive fire protection an Energy supply with QuattroGeneration

Nordmagazin television show introduces the two entrepreneurs behind the patented procedure.