Fuji Electric and N2telligence – a dreamteam


Proven fuel cell technology from Fuji – preventive fire protection from Fuji N2telligence

The idea to also use the fuel cell for preventive fire protection in addition to efficient energy conversion is ours. In fuel cell technology, we have complete confidence in the experience of Fuji Electric. Since 2007, we have been collaborating with the technology expert from Japan with more than 40 years of experience working with fuel cells. 

To strengthen this outstanding partnership, Fuji Electric became the majority shareholder of our company in 01/2016 - welcome to Fuji N2telligence GmbH.

Kooperationspartner Fuji Electric

Together, we offer an extensive portfolio of fuel cell systems for the fixed supply of efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy – and also fire protection in the case of QuattroGeneration. The satisfaction on the part of numerous well-known customers confirms the reliability and quality of our joint products.