From 1973Fuji Electric develops the first fuel cells
From 1990Fuji Electric tests fuel cells with different capacities in live operation
1998Fuel cells achieve a service life of 40,000 h
From 1998Fuji Electric launches commercial sales of 100 kW fuel cells in Japan
N2telligence is founded
Since 2006N2telligence develops QuattroGeneration – the first preventive fire protection system based on fuel cells
07/2006N2telligence moves into its business premises in Hamburg-Altona
06/2007N2telligence receives the exclusive, worldwide rights to use the low-oxygen air from fuel cells
12/2007N2telligence and Fuji Electric begin their collaboration – N2telligence becomes the exclusive focal point for markets outside Asia
10/2009N2telligence GmbH opens a branch in Wismar
2010Fuji Electric achieves an increase in fuel cell service life to 60,000 h
07/2010Launch of the first QuattroGeneration – the preventive fire protection system based on a fuel cell – in Germany
10/2010N2telligence wins the SECURITY INNOVATION AWARD in GOLD for the innovative fire protection system in the world
12/2010Finalist Datacentre Leaders Award – QuattroGeneration is the best solution in Europe for fire protection and energy supply of data centres
2011N2telligence wins the German data centre award in 2011 in the "innovative data centre products" category for its QuattroGeneration product
09/2011N2telligence wins one of the most prestigious awards for fuel cell applications with the bronze "f-cell award"
06/2012The first QuattroGeneration system breaks the 1 GWh mark with its reliable continuous operation
08/2012Launch of the first commercial TriGeneration in Germany – the most efficient type of combined heat, power and cooling system
12/2013Reliability also demonstrated in Germany: N2telligence fuel cells complete their first 40,000 hours of operation
12/2014N2telligence puts first Fuel-cell system in South Africa into operation
04/2015N2telligence extends the lead in the sector of stationary fuel-cells with a further installation of QuattroGeneration in Duisburg
01/2016N2telligence becomes Fuji N2telligence (M&A with Fuji Electric)


The origins of our idea for fire prevention with fuell cells lie in research work carried out at Airbus in Hamburg. The logical consequence of this was the founding of N2telligence in 2006.

Equally logical is our collaboration with Fuji Electric, which has more than 40 years of experience with fuel cells. In the beginning of 2016 the close colaboration resulted in one joint company – the Fuji N2telligence GmbH.

Brennstoffzellenproduktion Fuji Electric in der Kawasaki FactoryProduction of Fuji Electric fuell cells in Kawasaki Factory

Fuji Electric und N<sub>2</sub>telligence starten KooperationFuji Electric and N2telligence begin their successful collaboration in 2007.

Inbetriebnahme der ersten Brennstoffzelle mit Brandschutz in WismarThe first QuattroGeneration is put into operation in Wismar in 2010.

Gewinn des Security Innovation Award 2010Managing director Andreas Exler and Lars Frahm at the awards presentation of the Security Innovation Award in Gold in 2010 for QuattroGeneration.

Verleihung deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis für Brennstoffzelle mit BrandschutzLars Frahm at the awards presentation of the German data centre prize in 2011 for QuattroGeneration.

Eröffnung Brennstoffzelle bei Mercedes-Benz in HamburgAndreas Exler, Olaf Scholz (Mayor of Hamburg) and Bernd Zierold (head of Mercedes-Benz Hamburg) in 2012 at the launch of the fixed fuel cell at the Mercedes-Benz Hamburg branch.

first fuel cell in south africa
N2telligence puts first fuel cell system in South Africa into operation in december 2014.

One joint companyIn January 2016 our long-term partner Fuji Electric Europe GmbH became the majority shareholder of N2telligence to intensify the already outstanding partnership. From that time on we operate under the name Fuji N2telligence GmbH.