What you can expect from our fuell cells

Reduced CO2 for better environmental protection

Our fuel cells are not just highly economical, but also particularly environmentally friendly. Thanks to the high efficiency in energy production as well as preventive fire protection, several hundred tonnes of carbon dioxide can be saved each year.

co2reduction environment protection with our fuelcell

Efficient and quiet as a whisper

Furthermore, the nitrogen and sulphur oxide values in the waste gases are also below the detection limit compared to conventional systems. Flora, fauna and people can also be happy that our fuel cells do their job quietly. Instead of through combustion, as in motorised block-type thermal power stations, for example, they convert chemical energy directly to electrical and thermal energy – and all without a sound.

If you also avail of our preventive fire protection, then you can also manage without any extinguishing agents. This is good for your wallet and also good for the environment.