What you can expect from our fuell cells

Preventive fire protection through oxygen reduction

Oxygen reduction is the safest type of fire protection, as it prevents fire before it can even start. Our QuattroGeneration fuel cell system uses the low-oxygen air produced in the energy conversion to power, heat and cooling for this purpose. We thus take away the basis for fire and create a lasting protective atmosphere where fires cannot even begin. In contrast to previous expensive, noisy and energy-intensive oxygen reduction procedures, QuattroGeneration works particularly efficiently, economically and silently.

What you can expect

  • Active, preventive fire protection for the reliable protection of goods, facilities and employees
  • Lower operating costs with simultaneous use of energy from the fuel cell
  • Prevention of costly consequences of fire through smoke, soot, extinguishing water or gases
  • Environmental protection through significant CO2 savings, lower emissions and lack of need for extinguishing agents
  • Reduced maintenance costs, since there are almost no moving parts in the fuel cell
  • Quiet operation, as no compressor is required
  • Planning freedom and saving of on-site fire protection measures