What you can expect from our fuell cells

Cost savings from day one

Our fuel cells achieve an energy efficiency of more than 90% in the conversion of natural gas to power and heat and are one of the most efficient combined heat, power and cooling systems with the highest primary energy savings. As a combined heat, power and cooling system, they also meet the high-efficiency criteria of the German cogeneration act. 

This means that you can gain back the return on investment within just a few years and then even earn money. If you also use the low-oxygen air produced in the fuel cell for preventive fire protection, you can save on additional investments in conventional oxygen reduction or extinguishing systems as well as the associated regular operating and maintenance costs.

What you can expect

  • Reduced operating costs through independent, decentralised energy supply
  • Reduced running costs for heat supply and air conditioning
  • Lower investment and regular maintenance costs for conventional fire protection systems