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Energy supply and fire protection in warehouses & logistics centres

Whether frozen storage in the food industry, storage of hazardous substances or high-bay storage, permanent availability of goods and ability to supply on short notice are the top priorities today. To maintain these, smooth operations must be ensured and operating failures prevented. Fire prevention is a key factor in this.

High fire risk in warehouses and logistics centres

Fire fighting is particularly complicated in warehouses through tight structural spaces, ceiling height and limited access paths. At the same time, there is an increased fire risk due to high fire loads, technical defects or accelerated fire spreading as a result of increasing fire gases in tight intervening spaces.

Those having to put out fires today have gone the wrong way

Our QuattroGeneration fuel cell system prevents fires before they can start and thus meets all the requirements of the storage and logistics industry for reliable, preventive fire protection:

  • Long-lasting and reliable protection of goods, storage technology and employees
  • Ensuring permanent ability to supply and availability of goods
  • Active, preventive fire protection to avoid the expensive consequences of fires

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