Everything is possible – except fires

Energy supply and fire protection for data centres and IT facilities

In data centres, IT and telecommunication facilities, there is a particularly high risk of fire due to the large number of electrical systems installed there. In most cases, technical defects or short circuits in electrical appliances are the cause of fires and are often only discovered as smouldering fires when it is already too late – with serious consequences for operations, for the employees and for the image of the company.

Those having to put out fires today have gone the wrong way

Our QuattroGeneration fuel cell system prevents fires before they can start and thus meets all the requirements of the IT industry for reliable, preventive fire protection:

  • Constant power supply and system availability
  • Prevention of downtime and disruptions to IT processes
  • Permanent securing of data and data availability
  • Protection of employees, technical appliances and investments in facilities
  • Active, preventive fire protection to avoid the expensive consequences of fires

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Data centres and IT facilities