preventive fire protection IS WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD

Energy supply and fire protection for archives, museums and libraries

Books, documents, works of art – our entire cultural legacy is carefully looked after in archives, museums and libraries. To ensure that these all remain in place for future generations, they need to be well protected, especially from fire and irreparable damage caused by soot, smoke or extinguishing water.

Safeguarded for the future – our cultural heritage

Paper, wood, textiles and highly inflammable preservative liquids considerably increase the risk of fire in archives, museums and other similar environments. Furthermore, the tightly packed storage of exhibits and collections in very small spaces can obstruct access paths and accelerate the spread of fire. In addition, the buildings, which in many cases are very old, also often have inadequate fire protection.

Those having to put out fires today have gone the wrong way

Our QuattroGeneration fuel cell system prevents fires before they can start and thus meets all the requirements of archives and museums for reliable, preventive fire protection:

  • Reliable protection of delicate books, documents, works of art, exhibits, etc.
  • Permanent safety for staff and visitors and for the historical architecture
  • Active, preventive fire protection to avoid the expensive consequences of fire

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Archives, museums and libraries